The Klimt Angel

The "Klimt Angel" is one of two state angels
which were designed and executed from scratch
by IHeartArt. We presented our concept to the Arts
Officer of the Office of Public Works.

We used recycled materials; newspaper, plastic bags,
sweet wrappers etc. and lots of gold to achieve the design.

In order to stay close to the concept we drew on the
design so anyone who arrived in to work on it could
get straight to it without having to ask.

The Typography Angel

This is the second State angel. The Oscar
Wilde quote was chosen because it is very
hopeful and fits very well with Irelands attitude
to the current economic climate and the shortfall
many of us are experiencing.

In order to transfer the type faithfully from our
initial designs to the angel we used a projector.

Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan wanted his angel lit from inside, in
order to do this over 300 holes had to be drilled
into the hollow sculpture. Below is the big man
himself with Patrick Conroy, the labourer.

It was a pretty full on job and several days
later despite inflamed hands and fibreglass
in the eyes the angel was almost complete.
The rest is left to the skills of the qualified
electrician to put lights inside which will
shine through the holes .
Rocky Elsom

The idea behind Rocky's angel was that angels
only exist because we believe in them.

The dark to light transition is of the journey from
childhood to maturity and the loss of belief that
happens to us on the way.

The beautiful team...

Sara Sheridan

Patrick Conroy

Brian Giles

Aisling Quinlan

Caoimhe O' Byrne

Samuel Arnold

Catherine Robertson

Vincent O' Brien

Lisa Harrison

Anna Kealey

David Duff

Lynzi Dunne

Irina Stankus

Jamie Saunders

Ian Clotworthy

Berenice Prendiville

Kitty Chan

Sandra McAllister
Ryan Tubridy

This design was chosen by Ryan Tubridy.
It required a bit of initiative, a steady hand
& plenty of patience as the design was not
complete, But it looked great in the end.

We were given a guide for the left side of the angel.
We then designed the other half in the same style.
Amy Huberman

Amy's concept was inspired by a happy childhood
memory of balloons ascending into the sky. It gives
the impression of endless possibilities in the future.
Some of the team are pictured here working on the angel.
Lisa Fitzpatrick

For Lisa's angel we took the brilliant white
of the plaster and muddied it to give it the
impression of water colours on paper or canvas.

We started with pink roses all over but then decided
it looks better with many different colours even if they
were all on the same rosebush...

The studio with a few of the completed angels ready for the journey to Dublin Castle.